Sunday, October 17, 2010

They really DO say the darndest things!!

As you know, I teach 3rd grade, which is always fun and there really never is a dull moment in my job! So, I thought I'd include some of the latest quotes on pregnancy from some of my sweet students...

"Mrs. Wentrcek, you know how a lollipop has that line down the middle? Well, your stomach kind of looks like that..." - Judah, talking about the line created by my pants in the middle of my stomach. I proceeded to tell him that the line was just my pants, which made the entire class chuckle at the thought of my pants being pulled up so far...

"Mrs. Wentrcek, do you always look like that or are you just fat because you're pregnant?" I of course let Emmanuel know that it is NEVER polite to tell a woman she's fat...he tried to cover himself by saying, "No, no, no I meant I mean, your belly...I mean..." It's ok, Emmanuel, I know what you mean....

"Mrs. Wentrcek, how did the baby get in your belly?" - Johnathan...I just told him that was a question for his parents...didn't want to go there!! :o)

and my personal favorite....

"How did you get pregnant?" - a 1st grader at bathroom break
"I just prayed really hard..." - me
"No, that's not true, my sister said your husband has to touch you!" - another 1st grader setting me straight!! HAHAHAHA

I LOVE my job!!

Well, now we are just counting down the days....18 more until my due date!! I can't believe it's so close! I'm still feeling fine...just a little tired and get winded much more easily. I actually broke down and asked a student to tie my shoe for me the other day. He was really kind and did it without a comment...all of my students are really sweet and pick things up for me without me even having to ask. They know that it's either that they pick it up for me, or they'll be picking ME up off the floor! :o) So other than just being ready to be UNpregnant, I really can't complain...I feel great and have enough energy to make it through the day with my crazy kiddos!

We can't wait to see what our little one will look like, and of course if our little one is a he or a she!! I can't imagine what our new lives will be like, and we are just enjoying each other and our last days as a family of 2 (well, 2 and a half if you count Cleo). Seeing as I'm not the best blogger, the next update will probably be with pictures of our little bundle of joy!

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