Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cankles, school, and kicking, OH MY!

Well school has started, and so have the cankles!! My first cankle experience was the week before school started at Meet the Teacher Night. As I'm changing clothes in the bathroom at school, I realize that I have cankles!! My feet and ankles were so swollen that I couldn't even get my feet into my pretty shoes that went with my dress. Now, you know me, I'm WAY too much of a klutz to wear anything too high heeled or fancy, so don't think I was trying to be a fashionista and forgetting my current no, I'm still a practical girl! They just wern't the frump shoes I'd been wearing all day long at inservice. Anyway, needless to say, hormones took over and I burst into tears. I just couldn't stop it! Luckily I have the BEST teaching partner in the world, Katye, and she fanned my face, made me sit down, and finished making sure my classroom looked just perfect. She assured me that all was well and that it was normal to have swollen feet. Thank God for Katye!!

The first week back at school has been absolutely exhausting! The first week back is always tiring, but doing it pregnant puts it in a whole other category! But tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo! I've sadly realized that no matter what shoes I decide to wear, my feet will be swollen at the end of the day. Sometimes I feel like they're going to fall off at the ankles...haha Speaking of shoes, I bought some black tennis shoes (I know, not the most fashionable, but hey whatever works!) to wear so my feet have some extra support. I put them on with some gray pants and came out for a little mini fashion show with Wyatt. His response was, "Well, you look like you're going to ref a basketball game..." So, I've been too self concious to wear them yet, but I'm sure the sore feet will win out in the end!

Tonight I was attempting to do my readings for this week, and had the book resting on the enormous belly, (which by the way has come in quite handy for holding things lately). Well, this baby was having none of it! He/she started kicking so much that I really couldn't concentrate on the words on the page! I guess it was their way of letting me know that grad school wasn't happening tonight and to hurry up and feed him/her! Hey, I can take a hint! :o) I'm getting so so excited to meet this little bundle of energy in my belly! I just can't believe that we've only got about 2 months to go! How time is flying! I'm so curious to see how he/she will look and act! In the words of my favorite movie, Steel Magnolias, "When it's all said and done there will be a little piece of immortality with Jackson's {Wyatt's} good looks and my sense of style." Well, maybe it would be the other way around, seeing as my style is just what's comfortable...Wyatt's way more stylish than me! :o) Either way, we're so excited to see what joys this little person will bring to our lives!

That's all for now!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Wentrcek "Scowl"

We had another ultrasound 28 weeks. How crazy is it that I'm already 7 months pregnant?!?! Anyway, this ultrasound was the craziest one so far! We've discovered that Baby Wentrcek has mastered the art of the Wentrcek Scowl. I mean really, look at this baby and tell me that it doesn't look just like Wyatt's classic scowl!

HAHAHA!! Wyatt said "he" is just tired of being in there and is ready to get out to the world! We both think it's a boy, by the way, as do most people who have seen me. The nurse said he/she is 2 pounds, 14 ounces. It looks HUGE on these pictures (not to mention that I feel just as huge!), but 2 pounds is so tiny!! I can't wait to see what this little peanut looks like for real! Here's another picture...this one definitely looks like scowl in this one, but just a super cute face (if I do say so myself...) with a large nose! :o)

In other news, the baby has been moving around SOOO much lately! Holy smokes! It's just rolling around in there all the time! (He/she is moving right now as a matter of fact!) The other night I made Wyatt pause the TV so we could watch it bouncing off the walls in there. Wyatt said "He must be practicing his golf swing." haha I definitely agreed! :o) Then I was back at home this weekend and my sister, Catie, was there. The baby started moving so I called her over to watch. When I lifted up my shirt for her to see, she was totally grossed out! It really is the freakiest thing I've ever seen! So cool, but lets all be honest here, it freaks you out right?? I mean how crazy is it that there's this living being inside of me???

One of these days I'll take a picture of myself and post it on here. As Wyatt so smoothly said the other night, "Babe, our baby has such a nice big home," as he lovingly stroked my belly. Seriously??? A BIG home? Not a beautiful or cozy or perfect home, but a BIG one?? He tried to redeem himself by explaining what he really meant, but I assured him that there was no way out of this one! haha Poor Wyatt...he does try! Love love love that man! :o)

Anyway, school is starting next week...well for the kids anyway. Teachers are back this week, so summer is officially over! I have to admit, I am looking forward to starting up and having a routine again. I know time will definitely fly by now! It'll be November 4th before we know it!