Wednesday, July 21, 2010

24 week ultrasound

Well I am now 24 weeks along and we had another ultrasound on Monday, and this one was so neat! We get to have one every month now because of that tiny AFP elevation scare (no worries, we have a perfectly healthy baby!) and they have a 3D machine there so every time we get to see our baby in 3D! It was so cool to see how much our little pinto bean has developed! I've decided that he/she has Wyatt's nose...he doesn't agree, but there is definitely a schnoz there! :o)

Doesn't it look like he/she is smiling?? Such a happy baby already!

Check out that nose!! :o)

Other than that, I've just been growing and growing! I'll have to post a belly pic soon. This baby is really jumping around in there. We're able to see it shirt just bumps up every now and then. I'm starting to realize that going back to work in August is going to do a number on my feet! I mean really, just vacuuming or standing in the shower too long makes them swell! Guess I'll just have to invest in some really comfy (and probably frumpy) shoes for the next few months!

Grad school is underway and I'm LOVING it! I'm learning a lot and the online format is perfect! It'll be really easy to handle once school starts again. Hopefully I'll be able to juggle school, grad school, and baby! YIKES...oh well, in the words of Clairee from my favorite movie, Steel Magnolias, "That which does not kill us only makes us stronger."

We got our crib and Wyatt set it all up (without too much frustration, although there was a beer order in there...). I also picked out all the material for my Aunt Tommie Ann to make the bedding, so as soon as that's all done, I'll post pictures. We're going with denim and red. I do love something RED! I think it's going to be just adorable and super classy! Can't wait to see the finished product!

That's all for now...