Sunday, October 17, 2010

Belly pics

Our little tiny precious gift from God!!

Can't wait to meet you, Baby!

Our attempt at a classy heart hands picture! :o)

Classic side view...

Katye getting artsy on us...she wanted to change her "point of view"! haha We had so much fun!

My good friend and teaching partner Katye Hight took these...she really should charge for them! :o) I think they turned out really cute! She took a ton of pictures of Wyatt and I at a park in the Woodlands. We had such a fun time taking them! Before we got started I swore I wasn't going to "expose" my belly, just wear a tight shirt, but once we started taking them, Katye said I didn't look pregnant enough with my shirt covering my belly...she said it just looked like I was gassy! hahaha!! Just thought I'd share a few!

Oh yeah, this was at about 35 weeks. Now I'm 37 weeks, 3 days...

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